I’m Mohan. I’m a Security engineer and a vulnerability researcher. My areas of interest includes Security Automations, Secure Code review, DevSecOps, Web & Mobile application security. I have around 4+ years of experience in Application Security.

I’m an avid Python programmer, now fiddling around Go language and C# as a malware developer. Please feel free to reach out to me to talk about the following topics:

  • Malware Development
  • Red Teaming
  • Capture The Flag events
  • Open Sauce Software that could change the world :P
  • list goes on ..

New year…   New resolution !!!

I use Obsidian as my second brain to dump all my ideas and notes, so that I can search them quicker and also map them into graphs. This allowed me to connect my thoughts and to brainstorm ideas more efficiently.

I have created this site in order to make my notes publicly accessible to everyone and also to share my stupidity with you all. I love to hear back from you guys about my understanding of technologies and topics.

This blog will be launched exactly at 12:01 AM January 1, 2024 !! So that I can get some dopamine for partially achieving my new year resolution for 2024.

For the complete user experience of this site, please visit using a desktop so that you can access features like Graph and so on.

This is not a blog, incase if you are looking out for my blog. It is here